Dallas 1 Wire Weather Replacement Parts

By kb0nly, published Jul 21, 2014


Recently i had to repair an aging Dallas 1 Wire Weather station, the cups on the anemometer were all but completely gone and the wind vane was a stick with no tail! I mixed these together and they work great! I printed them both as 100% solid objects at .2 layer height, the anemometer needs to be printed with support for best results. Both of them have a hexagonal indent on them to capture the inward nut that sits on the shaft to space them from the body of the device. The holes for the shaft is slightly undersized, i prefer to make things this way so that i can precisely enlarge them to the correct size for a snug or loose fit depending on what i need so you will have to drill them out to the final size. To set the nut in place in the indent, its a very tight fit and is meant to be pressed in, i take a machine screw of the same thread and spin the nut on to it then put it through the anemometer or wind vane and then put a large thick flat washer on the other side and another nut and tighten until the captured nut is pressed into the part to keep it captured. Then a small flat washer and a nylock lock nut to hold them onto the shaft to prevent future problems. Works great, the accuracy seems to be about what it was. One last note, its ABS and not entirely UV resistant, so to make them last i lightly painted them with two coats of Krylon Fusion white spray paint to help them stand up to UV, this has worked great for me on other outdoor projects and its been a proven method for me. The other problem these stations suffer from is the bearings inside will seize up and wear into the plastic. I am working on designing some replacement parts to modify the inside to better capture the bearings as well as purchasing better quality bearings. They are 10mm outer diameter, 5mm inner diameter and 4mm thickness roller bearings. Will update when i can! Edit.. Forgot to add the source of the Anemometer that i re-mixed and added to, thats now included below! Wanted to make sure i credited that fine design! I played around with his scad file for a while until i got the sizing right then i added the hexagonal support for the nut inside. I also added the files for the bearing support replacements. Typically the bearings freeze up then they spin and eat away at the plastic inside the housing. So i designed some new pieces to repair it. Lower is the wind vane, upper is the anemometer. So the files are labeled if held in that orientation. They are slightly different and you might want to measure the bearing to bearing distances to make sure yours is the same, some slight production changes seemed to have happened over this stations lifetime. To fit the lower-upper and the upper-lower bearing cups you need to cut a circle out of the center of the housing. Included is the Bearing Cut Guide, which is a disk that you can lay over the inner bearing opening and trace to mark the half circle of material you have to remove from both halves of the housing. All of the bearing pieces are sized to allow a 1.5mm washer to be stacked with the 4mm thick bearing to provide a better wear surface for the bearings to sit against, you place the washer between the bearing and the replacement bearing cup to prevent wear on the plastic. If you want to omit the washers you can order a 5.5mm thick bearing instead.

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