The Bristle Dress

By MakerBot, published Jul 21, 2014


Francis Bitonti Studio, a multidisciplinary design studio in New York City, organized a workshop at the Metropolitan Exchange in Brooklyn that resulted in the creation of their second 3D printed dress. They built a web interface with MakerBot allowing people to configure the skirt from a super structured mini to an expanded flare skirt. "We wanted to make the body solidify into harder geometry, going from atmosphere to ice. We integrated a fur lining in their version to ease in the transition. The skirt can be secured by either gluing a hook and eye strip or industrial zipper down the back seam. We are starting to think a lot about design interfaces and questioning how much the public is willing to design." - Francis Bitonti Studio Photography: Chris Vongsawat. Hair/Makeup: Aviva Leah.

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Top: The top is printed with MakerBot Natural PLA Filament. The top x3g files are sliced with custom rafts and custom supports. Skirt: The skirt is printed with MakerBot Flexible Filament. The skirt pieces files print without rafts or supports. If you are customizing your own skirt, please note that, depending on the build volume of your 3D printer, you may need to break the file into smaller parts, print, and assemble. - Parameter One modifies the length/flare of the dress with 0 being the longest/widest, and 100 being the shortest/narrowest - Parameter One modifies the waist, with 0 being the narrowest, and 100 being the widest - Parameter One also changes the z-dimension of the dress. Zoom out to see the effect. (Note: the obj file dimensions are in inches.)


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