Snap-Together Robohand

By MakerBot, published Jul 21, 2014


Look at your hands. Hands are complex tools that grant humans a superpower, the power to transform imagination into reality. The power of our hands is unlimited. We can use them to throw a ball, climb a tree, or build a tool. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have two hands. Robohand is an open source tool created to help restore the superpowers of humans who are missing the fingers from their hand. The original version was created by Richard Van As and Ivan Owen.

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The Snap-Together edition of Robohand is a simplification of the original Robohand. It lacks the rugged durability of the original, but is much faster and easier to build. This snap-together version is primarily an experimental platform to help people understand the mechanics of Robohand. I also hope it will serve as a catalyst for future development, and inspire others to pick up the project where I have left off. Full Assembly Instructions can be found in the Instructions PDF Source files are in SketchUp format and are available in: Robohand_Snap_Fittings.skp


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