By Gyrobot, published Jul 21, 2014


Based upon the famous walking Strandbeest from Theo Jansen ( ). This is a modular clip together system that is FDM printer friendly. No support required. I have curved the links in an organic way such that the shape of the leg section looks ahem "bra" like, hence the name. If you are having trouble with the cranks, try this re-mixed version from Vivifyer: See videos :

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14/02/2013 EDIT : Increased SPACER.stl length by 0.5mm, thought the legs were a little too loose as a result. 03/03/13 EDIT : Uploaded the Fan Drive Module 03/03/13 EDIT : Uploaded YouTube video, see description. 31/03/13 EDIT : Due to user feedback I have increase the crank shaft diameter. Updated CRANK_ARM, CRANK_SHAFT, UPPER_LINK, INNER_LINK and PLATE_LEG_SECTION. Printing instructions : 1 x PLATE_PRINT_ONCE.stl 1 x PLATE_LEG_SECTION.stl rinse and repeat for however many legs you want to fit onto this beast (3,6,9,12 etc). Full Bill of Materials (separate stls included): 1 x END BEAM (DARK GREEN) 1 x CRANK SHAFT ADAPTER (BLOOD RED) (For each leg section, rinse and repeat) :- 1 x BEAM (DARK GREEN) 1 x CRANK ARM (LIGHT GREY) 1 x CRANK SHAFT (LIGHT GREY) 2 x INNER LINK (DARK BLUE) 2 x LEG (MAGENTA) 2 x MID LINK (LIGHT GREEN) 2 x OUTER LINK (YELLOW) 8 x PIN (WHITE) 2 x SPACER (DARK GREY) 2 x TRIANGLE BRACE (LIGHT BLUE) 2 x UPPER LINK (LIGHT RED) Assembly Instructions: Please assemble according to BRABEAST LEG SECTION.stl and BRABEAST.stl (view in Thingiview) Note: The crank shaft angle for each leg has to be indexed according to the previous leg's crankshaft angle. This is achievable by the hexagonal crank shaft hole clipping onto the previous leg's hexagonal shaft. You can either index it 120deg for a short beast or 60 deg for longer beasts. Some tips : Maybe a dab of glue may be required depending on your printer calibration and clipping together of leg sections. You can scale the pins down if they are too tight for you. This is still a work in progress because I am busy printing off more leg sections to assemble this beast together. I will design a series of modular add ons, fan drive, hamster ball drive etc, so watch this space!!!


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