Retro Font Word Pen

By BrandonW6, published Jul 21, 2014


Do you like classic video games? Me too! Do you like to write with a pen? Sure why not? Do you like reading stuff written in 8 bit font on the side of your pen? DO I EVER! Now you can too! Use the MakerBot Customizer App to customize your very own Retro Font Word Pen! People will be so jealous at meetings when they see this fancy writing instrument! *** UPDATE, Thingiverse's excellent support staff located and fixed the bug preventing the text from being displayed, is now working****

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This is my first attempt at a customizable Thing, actually my first attempt at openSCAD period. Be sure to let me know what you think with comments or suggestions! -- Use the customizer app to design your own pen. You have some controls over font size and spacing. And what it says of course... When you're done, download it and print it out! The inside of your pen may have some dropped threads you will need to clean up. I used a piece of coat hanger to scratch and grind them out. Then simply take any old pen you have laying around your house and steal the ink tube and ball point. Slide it in and BAM. Coolest pen ever! Example uses: Put your name! Use a friends name, and print them their own custom pen as an interesting and original gift! Put your company name, and give out these pens as a promotional gift. ** Please note, this is still a thing in progress, I am currently working on adding a Pen-Cap and a few other refinements ** Thanks


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